Sunday, August 15, 2010

New ECA notices debut

Effectively immediately, each time a new ECA (E-Commerce Associate) from your country joins TripleClicks, you'll receive a brief e-mail notice.

This e-mail will include a link to the new ECA's TConnect Website so you can drop by and connect with the ECA. By connecting with them, you will let these new ECAs know that they have prospective customers and retailers (sellers of their products) waiting for them. This will, of course, get the ECA more excited about being a merchant at TripleClicks--which can lead to more and better products being listed, better prices, plus more submissions for Hot Deals, Deal Of The Day, etc.

Every time you get one of these notices, it's means more product choices for you from companies right within your country. And it means you can earn VersaPoints more easily because shipping costs should be low. In fact, some ECAs may even offer local, "will-call" pick-ups with NO shipping fees at all!. And, of course, each new notice means SFI and TripleClicks are becoming more viable and well-known in your country!

But that's not all. Once the ECA has added products, you can start earning Customer Commissions of up to 72% of CV by referring local and other customers to them.

One more thing: You can help SFI and TripleClicks grow even faster in your country (and earn lifetime royalties for yourself too) by referring additional ECAs. Learn how at:

Special Notes:

1. If you are a United States affiliate, you will need to OPT IN to receive this notice. Opt in at:

2. If you do not live in the United States and do not wish to receive these notices, you will need to OPT OUT at:

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