Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Important EyeEarn Change

Effective immediately, EyeEarn is undergoing a major overhaul into a sleeker, simpler, and more powerful program!

The new program will be tightly aligned with TripleClicks--allowing participants to take full advantage of our TripleClicks.com traffic--now ranked in the top 10,000 in traffic worldwide and growing fast!

Watch in the coming weeks for FULL details on the new program, scheduled for an early December launch!

In the meantime...

What you need to know now:

1. Until we are ready for the full launch, EyeEarn Starter Kits, EyeEarn X-Cards, shirts, etc. will no longer be available for purchase. However, plenty of new, updated kits and materials playing on the program's new features and strengths will be forthcoming.

2. All your purchased EyeEarn marketing materials, as well as all EyeEarn advertising, EyeEarn Websites, etc., are still current and will continue to work for you indefinitely after the change.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take advantage of the APA first movers advantage "Auto Pilot ATM"

Just wanted to inform of a new profit-share program launching 10/13/10 that has us all VERY excited

We know that you are TIRED of joining all those cyclers and matrices that only benefit the admins.

We decided to create a REAL Share-Pay-Opportunity that shares 75% of all profits with everyone whether you sponsor people or not!!!.

For those of you that can sponsor others you will-earn an extra 20% for your building efforts.

The name of the site is AutoPilotATM 
What this program does is create a SHARE-PAY/PROFIT-SHARE with other sites we will be adding to our network of profit sharing sites. In which we are distributing our profits with our distributors.

The sale of these shares is considered network income and we are paying 95% of EVERY DOLLAR EVENLY to the ENTIRE PROFIT SHARE.. So.. ZERO. ABSOLUTELY ZERO. NOT A SINGLE REFERRED PERSON IS REQUIRED TO EARN!!!! You own a position in the ENTIRE PROFIT SHARE.. So of course, the first ones in will earn from the following ones that join .. Whether you referred them or NOT.

AutoPilotATM is pre-launching on 10/13/10 and you can join me in this giant at the top of the system. 

Basically you can purchase positions in this profit share before others even know it's coming. The MORE POSITIONS YOU HAVE THE LARGER YOUR SHARE OF NETWORK EARNINGS YOU'LL RECEIVE.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

September's VP Reward winners!

Winner, first place, $1,000 cash:
Roy & Jeanenne Wright Sr (TeamRJ) from Indiana USA

10 runner-up winners, $100 cash* each:
Eric Browner from Illinois USA
Sylvain Foucault from Quebec CANADA
Michael Caldwell from Michigan USA
Christine Nederegger from AUSTRIA
Stephen Longabach from California USA
Marianela Sequeira from Ontario CANADA
Joseph Bures from Illinois USA
Donald Thorn from Texas USA
Innocent Makir from NIGERIA
Erich Winnecke from Indiana USA

10 third place winners, 100 TripleClicks credits (a $39 value):
Samuel Davis from Tennessee USA
Okeyode Samuel Olayinka from COTE D'IVOIRE
Kathy Schmidt from Michigan USA
Ben Harris from South Carolina USA
Joseph Grosbauer from Missouri USA
Melissa Sawyer from Deleware USA
Victoria Morris from PORTUGAL
David Smith from AUSTRALIA
Wilfredo Rodriguez from Puerto Rico USA
George Brown from SINGAPORE

Friday, October 8, 2010

Important new addition to SFI BASICS

Yesterday we added an important new component to the SFI BASICS "roadmap" that is located on your SFI homepage.

Previously, SFI Basics included three steps:

1. Referring TripleClicks Members
2. Sponsoring SFI Affiliates
3. Duplication

We've now added a 4th step--how to maximize your earnings.

Though this vital step has of course always been part of the SFI system, we recently realized it should be incorporated right into SFI Basics so it is not overlooked!

If you're not yet familiar with SFI Basics (or haven't reviewed it lately), head over now to your SFI homepage at the SFI Affiliate Center (www.sfimg.com) to check it out.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

FREE TCredits program now live!

Starting today, for every 500 VersaPoints you earn (min. 1500 VP), you'll receive a FREE TCredit--which you can use for bidding on Pricebenders auctions, for listing stuff for sale at TripleClicks, TuneFlow music downloads, and more! Learn more about TCredits and their many uses HERE.

Earn 1500 VP, and you'll automatically receive 3 TCredits. Earn 4000 VP and you'll receive 8 TCredits. Earn 10,000 VP and you'll receive 20 TCredits. And so on.
And there's no limit to how many free TCredits you can earn each month!

To start earning your free TCredits, just get active in generating lots of VP (for pointable actions, see your SFI To-Do List at the SFI Affiliate Center).

Earned TCredits will automatically appear in your TC member account after SFI commissions are processed on or about the 10th of the month (for the previous month's activities).