Friday, September 24, 2010

SFI Made Simple... Put Money In Your Bank - Right Away! No Hype!

10 steps are all any affiliate needs to take to succeed massively with SFI.


1) Sell retail any of SFI's products and services to people not yet in SFI.

2) Invite your customers to join SFI on your team for wholesale savings.

3) Buy SFI's products and services for yourself and for resale to others.

4) Recruit new affiliates into SFI, and have them added to your team.

5) Become an Executive Affiliate/EA, and lock in your Powerline position.

6) Follow up with your affiliates; teach them how to become EA like you.

7) Sponsor 5 EAs, and become a Team Leader, then rise in leadership.

8) Teach your EAs how to become Team Leaders as soon as possible.

9) Spend time learning all about SFI, and use the SFI Forum.

10) Deposit your monthly commission in your bank; spend it or save it.


Print this page.
Check off each step
A) as you start it, and
B) after you accomplish it.

Do Step 0 all the time; make it a habit to place ads every day!

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