Saturday, January 1, 2011

SFI 2010 | The year in review...and what's coming in 2011

2010 was a fantastic year for SFI and our affiliates! We welcomed nearly 300,000 new affiliates and TripleClicks members from all around the world, exponentially expanded our product offerings, and added several new commissionable opportunities and program enhancements.

For your review, here's a list of just a FEW of the big items launched in 2010 (for more information about each item, just click the links to access our original announcements):

* ECA (E-Commerce Associates) Program (
The ECA program allows businesses from around the world to market their products side-by-side with products at of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in the world.  You can also earn lucrative, lifetime royalties by simply referring merchants to the program.

With the new PSA Mailer Webpage, simply enter your message, and hit submit to instantly send a message to all your PSAs (personally sponsored affiliates)...AND earn 30 VersaPoints.

Designed to leverage SFI's "strength in numbers" to grow TripleClicks, the TC Booster Club comes with lots of goodies for members, including special product offers and exclusive access to sales, an additional 5% off the regular price of the TC Deal Of The Day, special recognition, access to deeply discounted Booster-only closeouts, and 100 free VersaPoints every month.

Fast-Track awards special bonuses to any new affiliate who joins the TripleClicks Booster Club within their first 15 days in SFI. Bonuses include a generous allotment of co-sponsored affiliates (CSAs), VersaPoints, Member Rewards Points, and TCredits.

SFI's international advertising co-op available to all affiliates. Plug in for just 72 cents a day and receive a share of HUNDREDS of sign-ups being generated daily by the co-op.

An optional, supplemental income program available to all SFI affiliates. Earn bounties by getting others to take actions, such as filling out online forms.

Personalized Websites for TripleClicks members.

We distilled our rules for success based on our 12+ year history and the investment of literally millions of dollars and hours by our company and our affiliates down into the ABSOLUTE MOST VITAL tenets--rules that when followed bring success.

TripleClicks sub-division, Pricebenders, features live penny auctions of the hottest new products at prices that are far below typical retail.  The average price paid by our winners to date has been an astounding 92.9% off the regular retail price!

This new, hybrid gateway combines our popular /free and /real gateways. It features listings of our latest enrollments and earners, brief info on TripleClicks, and includes a built-in registration form so everything is all in one nice, compact page.

The Pick-the-Price contest lets you guess what the final bid price will be on each Pricebenders auction at Win up to 200 TCredits, with multiple chances to win every day.

For every 500 VersaPoints affiliates earned (min. 1,500 VP), you receive a free TCredit, which you can use for bidding on Pricebenders auctions, for listing stuff for sale at TripleClicks, TuneFlow music downloads, and more.

Every Pricebenders auction bid at earns the bidder 5 Member Rewards Points (MRP).  And every product at TripleClicks now lists an MRP value next to the price.  Once you've accumulated the needed MRP, all you have to do is put the item you want in your shopping cart, choose MRP as your payment option, and check out.  It's that simple, and you pay only for shipping (if any).

* Pricebenders SFI-Exclusive auctions (
These auctions feature business products, services, and resources designed just for SFI affiliates, including S-Builder Co-op units (to date, the average saved on S-Builder Co-op units has been 95.9% off!).

The Affiliate Center's log-in screen, Alerts Page, and homepage redesigned to be more helpful, cleaner, and user-friendly, and we added a cool, new SFI Scoreboard page too.

We're in the process right now of transitioning our EyeEarn (EE) program to an exciting new replacement program we've named WAVE3 (W3).

With so many great additions (and the above are just a FEW), it's not surprising SFI enjoyed a great year in 2010...and 2011 will, no doubt, be even bigger.  In fact, many of 2010's accomplishments are simply the foundations for even more powerful improvements in 2011 .  Yes, we are continually building, building, building.  One piece at a time.  Building the most powerful program of its kind in the world!

So what might be coming in 2011?  Here are just a FEW of the items planned:

- WAVE3 (official launch in next 10 days)
- Thousands of additional new products and ECAs at TC
- New SFI marketing tools, promotions and programs
- A new, redesigned TC homepage and more
- Local selling for member listings fully enabled
- Will-call local pick-ups for ECAs fully enabled
- TC Product and ECA ratings/reviews
- Expanded Pricebenders auctions
- New weekly/bi-weekly newsletters for W3 members, SFI affiliates, and ECAs
- Several powerful new features at the SFI Affiliate Center

And we've got some MAJOR new additions to the family coming too.  We can't share any details today, but they could be as big as anything we've ever stay tuned...and GET READY for the opportunities that are on the way.


Our "secret sauce"...the reason SFI continues to grow...the reason SFI is now in it's 12th successful year...the reason tens of thousands of would-be competitors have come and gone over the years while SFI continues to because of YOU, our affiliates.  You make SFI go...and for that we THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH!

Let's all now go make 2011 SFI's greatest year yet!

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