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As you may have heard, we have begun awarding 10-20 free TCredits every month to EAs (Executive Affiliates) and above.  Considering a single TCredit sells for $1.99, this is a valuable new perk we've added to our compensation plan.  If February was at least your second month as an EA, we've added these TCredits to your account and they are ready for you to use immediately.  To confirm how many TCredits you have available, just log in at  They will be listed under your name in the top right corner.

What can you do with these TCredits?  You can use them to list and sell your no-longer-needed items cluttering up your home and garage.  Quickly and easily convert your clutter into cash!  Learn more about this at:

You can also, of course, use TCredits for bidding on Pricebenders Auctions.  Be a smart bidder (see Tips For Winning: and you could parlay the TCredits you've just received into a new television, Blu-ray player, office printer, camcorder, or other great product.  You can also win S-Builder Co-op units, CSAs, and more.  Check out what your SFI peers have been winning lately at:

If you're not yet familiar with our Pricebenders division, go to:

To learn more about TCredits, see:


Speaking of Pricebenders, you might like to know that, earlier this week, we held our 1000th auction...and we've now processed over a half-million bids (since our launch in September 2010).

All of these auctions are of course boosting commissions for our affiliates.  To date, our affiliates have earned over $100,000 in commissions from Pricebenders...but we're just getting started because Pricebenders is growing rapidly.

Yes, LOTS of people are discovering Pricebenders...and it's a huge opportunity for our affiliates that you may be overlooking...which is why you DEFINITELY need to read the attached article:


Let's assume that you're an EA (Executive Affiliate) with SFI.

If you sell just 18 packs of 50 TCredits a month, you'll earn $105.84 in Customer Commissions, plus 5,670 VP (VersaPoints) each month.  By the way, note that just 1500 VP makes you an EA, so selling just five 50-packs a month maintains your EA rank every month without ever buying anything.

Double your monthly sales to just 35 packs of 50 TCredits (just over one sale a day) and you'll earn $205.80 in Customer Commissions plus 11,025 VP (VersaPoints) each month.

If you're selling TCredits for bidding on Pricebenders auctions, you'll find that many of your customers will buy multiple packs every month, some even multiple times weekly or daily.  Hence, you may only need to attract a handful of customers to sell your 18 or 35 packs a month.  Indeed, find just 10-15 good customers, and you could easily generate $100-$200 a month.  And not just once, but month after month after month!  That is, Pricebenders customers will often create the sweetest kind of income there is...residual!

With this plan, there are other ways your income can grow too.  Serious customers, especially those that have discovered how much fun Pricebenders auctions can be, for example, will see the value of buying 200-packs instead of 50-packs (which reduces their per bid cost by 26%...from $.39 per TCredit to just $.29 each). You'll earn $14.72 for each 200-pack they buy.

Let's look at the numbers if you're selling 200-packs.  If you sell just seven packs of 200 TCredits a month, you'll earn $103.04 in Customer Commissions, plus 13,741 VP (VersaPoints) each month.  Or sell just 14 packs of 200 for $206.08 in Customer Commissions and 27,482 VP monthly.

Of course, will all that VP, you won't be an EA for long.  You'll likely be a Platinum Team Leader!  And as a Platinum Team Leader (which requires just 6000 VP), all your commissions are boosted by an additional 20%.  So now you're earning even more.  See our Compensation Plan for exact amounts (

All that VP will likely ALSO qualify you each month for the VP Top 300 and VP Rewards...securing for you each month another income-boosting share of CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) plus the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in additional cash and prizes (the more VP you earn, the greater your chances to win).

So, let's summarize:

Start earning more than $100 a month immediately with just 18 sales a month (or just seven sales if you're selling 200-packs)--which can come from just a handful of customers.  Plus, all the VP earned automatically meets your EA or Team Leader rank requirements and probably qualifies you for VP Rewards (a monthly share of CSAs and other goodies).  To earn more, just keep adding customers.  A focused, consistent effort could grow your commissions to a full-time income in 18 months or less.

And that's JUST from your own efforts.  You know how we're always talking about the importance of duplication ("D is the key")?  Well, if you'll work with your PSAs and others in your downline and help them get active with this same plan, you'll ALSO start earning OVERRIDE commissions on all of their TCredits sales.  Imagine what your total monthly earnings could be when you're earning overrides on dozens of affiliates in your downline selling THOUSANDS of TCredits weekly!  Learn more about overrides at our Compensation Plan Website (

Sounds great, right?  But HOW do you attract these TCredit buyers?  Well, you of course need to lead with Pricebenders in your marketing.

In it's simplest form, that just means telling people about Pricebenders and the jaw-dropping deals that are taking place daily. One way to do this is to just refer people to our "Winners List" Gateway:
(replace XXXXX with your SFI ID number)

Another method is to post on Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog, and any other social networking sites you use. See:

At the above Website we regularly add fresh, new promotional posts that you can use. Each one is 100% "post-ready." Just copy and paste the text provided.

NOTE! SFI has a zero tolerance policy on spamming. Under no circumstances should the posts be used for spamming.

We also have Website banners available for your immediate use at:

You'll also be pleased to know that in the next 10-20 days we'll be making available two cool, new dynamic banners that will automatically populate with the latest auction information!  If you have a blog or Website, you'll definitely want to get one of these banners added.  Stay tuned for the announcement of availability.

We've got another powerful marketing tool on the way too.  In short, you'll soon be able to give away small sample packs of free TCredits to prospects.  Prospects who you give these to will be able to go immediately to an auction and begin bidding for free (after first signing up as a member with you recorded as the Referrer).  This will of course give them a taste of how Pricebenders works and many will choose to buy additional TCredits to continue bidding now and/or for future auctions.  Be watching for the announcement of the availability of this exciting new promotional tool.

Now what?

Once you've directed someone to TripleClicks using any of the above methods, you're all set. At the site they will be able to easily register as a member (with YOU recorded as their Referrer) and they can immediately start participating in any of the current and/or upcoming auctions. When they click on the "Bid!" button, we provide them with an easy, no-hassle method to immediately buy the TCredits they need to bid with.

TIP: Every Pricebenders auction also has a cool little contest attached to it called "Pick-the-Price." Simply log in, click the PTP button, and enter the amount you think will be the final, winning price of the item. If you pick the exact, final price, you immediately win 200 free TCredits, a $58 value (or 50 TCredits if you're the closest without going over).

You'll want to let your prospective customers know about PTP too. Why? Here are four great reasons:

A. It's 100% free for them to enter.

B. There's a PTP contest for every multiple times every day they have another chance to win.

C. It's a great way to get your members engaged with TripleClicks and Pricebenders.

D. If your members have a PTP entry, they'll often hang around and watch the auctions to see if they predicted the final price. While they're doing that, there's a good chance they'll check out other parts of TripleClicks such as the Deal of the Day, Hot Deals, and TC Closeouts. They may also decide to start bidding on the auction they are watching.



You can now learn about all the upcoming auctions at our new schedule page located at  Browse through to quickly and easily identify the auctions you might like to bid on.  Tip: Don't forget to log in to see the SFI Exclusive auctions.  And, soon, you'll also be able to sign up for quickie "auction starting" alerts which you can receive via email and/or cell phone texts.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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